Samatha meditation is given freely to anybody wishing to learn

There is no charge for the teaching and no charge for attending local classes or courses at Greenstreete, the national centre*.

* Except Introductory Courses at the National Centre which have a fixed charge. Course fees for Introductory Weekends: Wage-earners (including those on a pension other than the basic state pension), £120 Unwaged  £60. Introductory week: £200; unwaged £100.

How Are Courses Funded?

Generosity is a cornerstone of Buddhist practice and Samatha relies completely on the generosity of its supporters. Samatha activities are funded by donation. People attending local weekly classes are asked to give a contribution towards the hire of the room and refreshments. Those taking part in weekend or longer courses at the National Centre in Wales give an amount they feel is right. We believe relying on voluntary donations is in accord with the Buddha’s teaching. Gifts of money to support the organisation are, of course, always welcome.

How Do I Make a Donation?

There several ways of making a donation to support Samatha. These include:

Donate using MyDonate

Mydonate is a secure, online donation site provided by BT. Unlike most other online donation and payment sites mydonate does not take a cut of the donations given.

Simply click on the button below to give a donation. Gift Aid is also collected by mydonate and forwarded in full to us.

Donate to us through BT MyDonate 

Standing Orders with Gift Aid

Standing orders – an amount automatically donated from your bank account each month.
Gift Aid – for UK tax payers, the government adds 25% to your donations.

To download a combined Standing order and Gift Aid form click on the button below or download menu on the right.

To increase or change a standing order click on the button below or select from the download menu on the right.

Cheque with Gift Aid

One-Off donations can be made in the form of cash or cheques made payable to The Samatha Trust. 

Samatha Adminstrator

Helen Brennan

81 Stothard Road



M32 9HB

Gift Aid adds 25% to your donations.

Click button below to download a gift aid form to go with cheques and cash.


Data Protection and Security

The Samatha Trust's data protection and data security policy and practice have been reviewed and re-written in the light of GDPR, a new data protection law which comes into force on May 25th 2018.

In brief:

The Samatha Trust's data protection and data security practice and policy abides by all UK and EU legal requirements.

Personal data is held securely at all times.

You can unsubscribe from specific or all email lists and communications by emailing

You can have all your personal information erased from our records by emailing

The Samatha Trust never passes any personal information of any kind to any third party whatsoever - unless you have specifically consented to give bank details etc when donating or Gift Aiding or we are obliged to for reasons of criminality or safeguarding.

For full details, Privacy Statement and policy go to