Samatha publications

Iti pi so txt in gold
monk's bowl
waterfall into pool

From time to time the Samatha Trust publishes a journal, The Samatha Journal. The journal contains articles exploring meditation practice, investigations of theory and creative expressions of dhamma in practice. The Trust has also published a number of books presenting explorations of, for example, abhidamma and the thirty two marks. CDs of chants have been published, some of which are  available as MP3s

The Samatha Trust Library is developing a wide collection of resources (books, audio and online) that will 

⦿ support the development of samatha meditation practice 
⦿ support the development of wisdom through dhamma investigation 
⦿ make this gift of resources for study and practice available to the wider Buddhist community 

The new library, under the auspices of the Samatha Trust, has been established at the Manchester Centre for Buddhist Meditation in honour of Lance Cousins. Lance was central to the formation of the library at the Manchester Centre (then the Samatha Centre) in 1977. He helped set up a unique library which included not only hand-picked texts from different Buddhist traditions but also a wide range of texts from many other spiritual traditions. The collection has many older, and now out of print publications, as well as a range of booklets collected from various sources.