Collecting Pali chants

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The Samatha Trust is developing a website - - with the intention of collecting a wide range of Pali chants and making them publicly available.


To upload your chants go to

The chants will be in the form of downloadable audio files linked to the developing Samatha Library catalogue. A pdf text of each chant will also be downloadable.

We are interested in and happy to receive all kinds of chants in Pali - or mixtures of Pali and Thai, Pali and Sinhala, Pali and Cambodian etc. The quality of the recording is not our first priority.

If you would like to help by uploading copyright free chants: this is the place to do it.

We interested in all Pali chants so do send anything you have as it may be an example of a different version or style of chanting that is worth collecting - though we already have copies of all the chants published on CD by the Samatha Trust.

You must fill in a separate form for each chant as the description will be specific to each one. If you have a large collection please contact and we will be in touch to arrange a way of adding your chants to the collection.

If you have analogue recordings of Pali chants on tape that you think might be of interest please contact

To upload your chants go to

Many thanks for your interest and your contribution(s) to this project.