Books and publications by Samatha meditators

Some are the work of individuals or groups of meditators exploring aspects of the Buddha's teaching and have been published by The Samatha Trust. These books and documents are published for free distribution and can be downloaded as PDFs by clicking on the image of the text.

Other books in this collection written by Samatha meditators, are produced and distributed by commercial publishers. The image of these books will take you to an online bookshop where you can buy the book.

Loosening the Tangle by Ian Rose

Loosenig the Tangle from cover








A meditator’s guide to the Visuddhimagga.

The aim of this short guide to The Path of Purification is to suggest a way of approaching the Visuddhimagga and to encourage others to persevere in trying to understand what may seem a rather dense and detailed tract. For those who do, it includes descriptions of the path, which chart many of the staging posts recognisable to the meditation practitioner.

The Abhidhamma Papers - published by The Samatha Trust

This book has been compiled in the hope that a group of people studying abhidhamma in the West may be able usefully to share something of the experience with others.

The Suttanta On The Marks  - published by The Samatha Trust

This book is a translation of the Lakkhana-suttanta, The Suttanta on the Marks. It presents a picture of the Buddha as a Fully Awakened Teacher of men and gods.

Samatha Chanting Book  - published by The Samatha Trust

This book contains 68 pages of Pali chants including puja, paritta and sutta chants; the traditional morning and evening chanting; some translations and tips on chanting.

Transcendent Dependent Arising

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Samatha Journal - published by The Samatha Trust


The Samatha Journal is an ocassional publication publishing articles, images and poems that relate to samatha meditation in theory, practice and daily life.

The latest edition of the Samatha Journal can be found here and past issues are available here.