Videos about Samatha

Videos about Samatha presents a collection that will be added to from time to time, providing various aspects of Samatha practice from some of our practitioners around the world.

Melissa Lever gives a talk on how the Samatha breathing mindfulness practice can balance the body and the mind.


Sarah Shaw gives a talk on mindfulness and the development of the Samatha breathing mindfulness meditation practice

Chris Gilchrist, a founder member of the Samatha Trust, gives a brief history and overview of Samatha in the UK from when Nai Boonman arrived in 1963 and its development over the last 60 years.

Nai Boonman, who brought our Samatha Meditation practice to the UK in the 1960s, was 90 years old on 5th August 2022. Over the weekend of 6th and 7th August we celebrated his birthday with a series of events at the Samatha Centre, Greenstreete. Nai Boonman and his wife Dang joined us from Thailand via zoom. This video was part of the celebration.