Samatha without boundaries

If you are interested in learning Samatha Meditation online there are currently two options:

1 - A 30-week website-based course, which runs from early October to June, though while it is preferable to start then, it is also possible to join later. With written and audio material, it leads you through the stages of Samatha and introduces aspects of theory that are helpful in guiding the practice. Also includes weekly one-to-one feedback on your practice: No need to be online at any specific time during the week, other than for the one-to-one discussion, though there is the option of also being in a weekly Zoom class that runs Thursdays at 7.30pm.  To find out more, including how to register for the course, contact the course leader, Peter Harvey:  

You can find more details here:


2 - Zoom classes taken by a range of experienced meditation teachers, giving daily, weekly or weekend classes tailored to individual needs - at various times in the week, starting at different times in the year, and lasting for a different number of weeks: These classes also provided individual advice and guidance during one-to-one sessions.

You can find more details here:


Calendar of weekly and occasional events

These regular events are currently accessed by invitation and are open to people developing samatha-vipassanā with the Samatha Association in the UK, Europe, US and across the world.

Wednesdays - 7:30 pm UK time Group meditation session via Zoom


Saturdays - 7:30am UK time Group meditation session via Zoom


2nd Sunday of the month - 11:00am UK time Puja and Paritta Chanting


Local and international groups

Regular meetings via Zoom for meditation and Dhamma investigation - contact your teacher for details


Regular and occasional events

There are regular days of practice developing meditation practice, mindfulness and skilfulness in body speech and mind -  contact your teacher for details of these events.


Boundless Samatha

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