A Stupa at Greenstreete

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Feel free to email stupa@samatha.org with your comments suggestions and ideas

Why build a Stupa at Greenstreete?

 An introductory talk on stupas, meditation practice, infinity and beyond... given by Chris Gilchrist.test

What is a Stupa?

A Talk by Peter Harvey - Peter 's paper "The Symbolism of the Early Stupa" can be found below.

A 3D model of the topography of the land at Greenstreete for you to play with

The stupa model is for demonstration purposes only! Nothing is fixed.

 Click on the image to activate 3D and on the arrow at the right hand side of the picture for tools allowing you to zoom and tilt the earth.

Stroke the tool across the earth to make it work.

You can go full-screen by clicking the 4 feint outward facing arrows at bottom right.

A Collage of Stupa images for exploration and enjoyment.