Given the current circumstances the Belfast Meditation Group is holding weekly virtual classes via Skype. These classes are open for anyone to join. Also if you would like 1:1 instruction before joining the group this can also be facilitated via Skype.    

For further information e-mail: or phone: 07557 366 933

Classes nornmally take place on Sunday evenings at 7.15pm in Cranmore One Clinic: 1 Cranmore Park, Belfast BT9 6JF

Samatha means calmness & tranquility, Samatha meditation is a breath-based mindfulness practice, which helps the busy mind to settle. Gradually, deeper states of tranquility and peacefulness develop; insight or understanding (Vipassana) follows.

The practice helps to achieve calmness, concentration and awareness. It is an effective but gentle way of training the mind to generate stillness, understanding and contentment.

Classes are open to complete beginners and to people with some experience of other forms of meditation. All are welcome.

The practice is taught in stages and usually takes up to 6 months to learn in full. Everyone progresses at their own pace and you can join the class at any point in the year.  

Classes involve some instruction, a guided meditation and a short group discussion. You can sit on a chair or use cushions on the floor. Everyone has the opportunity to speak individually with the teacher.  Tea/coffee is available at the end of the class.

There is no charge for the teaching, but a small donation (£5 if waged), to help cover costs is appreciated.

All Welcome!