Chester & Liverpool

Rupa hands

The word ‘Samatha’ means calm. The form of meditation taught uses a technique of breathing mindfulness. If practised regularly it leads to greater calm and clarity, more awareness and a sense of well-being in daily life. The meditation practice has a number of stages to help gradually train the mind. It takes about 4 months to learn the fundamental stages of the practice.

Meditation is individual to each meditator and so this is fundamentally your practice. But a particular feature of this meditation practice is periodic discussions with the teacher to discuss how mediation is going.


The Chester & Liverpool Samatha Meditation Group meets weekly on a Wednesday on-line via ZOOM. Meditators are asked to log-in to ZOOM at 7.20 pm for a prompt 7.30pm start. The meetings last  approx for just over an hour. ZOOM details are sent out every week by email to all interested in attending.

We meet physically once a month in Chester at the;

Chester Civic Trust Rooms (Room 2)

Bishop Lloyd's Palace

51/53 Watergate Row



In each meeting there is a 30 minute meditation practice (full instructions for beginners are always given both before and during the meditation). There is always a discussion of some aspect of meditation practice or of some relevant Buddhist topic such as loving-kindness etc... . Questions about meditation practice or about how to best incorporate Buddhist practices into your everyday life are encouraged. But involvement in discussion is quite voluntary; beginners might initially decide to just listen.

The teaching is given freely. To contribute towards room hire (when the meeting is held physically in Chester), a donation box is provided; a donation of £5.00 per person per evening is suggested.

If you wish to come to a meeting or simply find out more please contact William Meredith preferably on 01829-759459 (please leave voice mail if unanswered) or send an email to is well worth discussing your experience or lack of experience before you attend a meeting so that you have information that helps you get the most out of the meditation sessions.