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Buddhist Meditation Classes In London

Samatha meditation has been taught and practiced in London for more than 40 years, and there are several groups currently meeting in various parts of London. Please see below for information on our beginners classes.

Beginners Classes

Details of each class can be found by clicking the link below each class.

There are currently six Samatha meditation classes for beginners in the London area:

1 - Hackney*

* Please see Hackney page for more details

2 - Kingston Upon Thames - No class until further notice.

3 - Kingsbury*- on Monday evenings

* Please see Kingsbury page for more details

4 - University of Westminster* - on Tuesday evenings

* Please see University of Westminster page for more details

5 - Southall* - on Sunday evenings

* Please see Southall page for more details

Samatha South - The Southern Centre 

In recent years there has been an appeal and fund raising for a London Samtha centre. The project has now broadened to include the Oxford and Cambridge Sanghas, and it was agreed to look to purchase somewhere roughly equidistant between London, Oxford and Cambridge which could then become a centre for southern England.

For more information about Samatha South see the website: