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The group meets online on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. Newcomers and those not so new are  welcome. Those from other  geographical areas  are also welcome. 

In person events such as a whole day for practice or  long weekends (residential, usually in Northern Ireland) are available reguarly for those with established practice.  

Enquiries to Liam at: or 087 7996606

* Please note that there will be no summer group practice operating during July and August . We look forward to seeing you all in September.

What is Samatha Meditation?

Samatha means calm. Samatha meditation is a breath based practice which helps the practicioner to allow the busy mind to settle. Gradually, deeper states of tranquility and peacefulness develop. Insight or Vipassana follows.


The classes are open to those with no or some experience of meditation, including those who may practice other forms of meditation.

The practice is taught in stages and usually takes  at least 6-9 months to learn. Everyone progresses at their own pace. Classes involve some instruction, a guided meditation pratice and some practice disussion.  Everyone has the opportunity to speak individually with the teacher after the class or by arrangement. 

There is no charge for  teaching or classes. Those who wish to donate to Samatha Meditation Trust Ireland may do so, details from the class organiser.