Weekly at 8pm on Thursdays at St Luke’s Church, St Luke’s Road, Southport. 

If you would like to join the class please let Eileen know, contact details are below. 

This class is suitable for complete beginners, meditators from other traditions or anyone just curious about meditation. There is nothing to sign up to, nothing to join and the teaching is offered free of charge, but donations towards the cost of room hire are requested. 

Samatha means calm. The form of meditation taught uses a technique of breathing mindfulness, which is said to be suitable for all types of people. If practised regularly it leads to greater calm and clarity, more awareness and sense of wellbeing in daily life. It is particularly suited to people who are looking to bring some stillness and balance into a busy life.

The meditation practice has a number of stages to help gradually and gently train the mind and it takes several months to learn. Some theory to support the development of the practice is also taught. Meditation is individual to each meditator and keeps on developing and deepening over time, so a particular feature of this meditation practice is regular one-to-one meetings with the teacher to discuss and so aid individual progress.

Each class will include a talk, guided meditation and discussion. Please bring along one or two cushions that you are comfortable to sit on.  Wear warm, loose fitting clothing, including warm socks.

The venue is situated on the corner of St Luke's Road and Hawkshead Street. The entrance is through the main church door at the front of the building, facing Hawkshead Street, and the door into the meeting room is then directly opposite.

Parking is on the road. Check for local bus details.

Eileen Windridge at, 07941 816276