There are currently no plans to restart Southport face-to-face beginners classes.

However, you can still learn Samatha meditation at home. Click the home button on this site where you will find the details.

Samatha means calm. The form of meditation taught uses a technique of breathing mindfulness, which is said to be suitable for all types of people. If practised regularly it leads to greater calm and clarity, more awareness and sense of wellbeing in daily life. It is particularly suited to people who are looking to bring some stillness and balance into a busy life.

The meditation practice has a number of stages to help gradually and gently train the mind and it takes several months to learn. Some theory to support the development of the practice is also taught. Meditation is individual to each meditator and keeps on developing and deepening over time, so a particular feature of this meditation practice is regular one-to-one meetings with the teacher to discuss and aid progress. 

Eileen Windridge at, 07941 816276