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Weekly class

The word ‘Samatha’ means calm – if practised regularly, this form of meditation leads to greater calm and more clarity and awareness in daily life. It is particularly suitable for people who are looking for a way to bring some stillness and balance into busy or stressful lives.

The group is open to complete beginners and those experienced in other meditation traditions. Classes include group meditation sessions and explanations of Mindfulness. There is also the opportunity for group and individual discussion with a teacher.

There is no charge for the class but a £5.00 contribution towards room hire and expenses is requested.

The class meets weekly on Saturday's between 2pm and 4pm

The Annex
Friends Meeting House, Pagefield House,
Page Street,

Please call or email if you would like more information.
Nigel Sheppard Mobile : 07703 356554

email: nigel.sheppard1@outlook.com