Covid-19 update.

Due to the current government guidelines about meetings, the classes are temporarily suspended. As soon as it is possible to resume classes, we will do so.

In the short term, we are hoping to be able to organise meetings via Skype and possibly Tai Chi sessions in the local park.

If you email me (jane.lomas@mail.com) I can keep you up to date on any planned activities and times.

Wishing you well, Jane.

The Meditation class is normally held every Monday night starting at 7.45pm. The friendly class teaches a traditional breathing meditation technique together with gentle mindfulness exercises, and it is open to everyone whether you have any religion or belief system or none. First time or experienced meditators in any tradition; all are welcome to come along and join in.

In addition to the group meditation session, there are regular opportunites for a one to one discussion with the teacher regarding the development of your individual meditation practice.

We also give weekly talks on a wide range of Buddhist subjects along with talks and discussions on many other traditions and belief systems. Both meditation and mindfulness methods are used as tools for helping us to meditate, to manage the challenges of everyday life, such as stress, anxiety or anger, and to learn to develop both calm and inner strength.

There is an optional Tai Chi and Chi Kung session at 7.15pm and you are welcome to come and try this gentle form of mindful exercise & body awareness, which complements the meditation practice.

No experience is needed for Meditation or Tai Chi. Loose, comfortable clothes are recommended for both sessions.

We hold the classes in the Pathways building at 14 Bold Street, Warrington, but we are not part of that organisation.

If you travel by car, the entrance to the car park is through the big gate on Museum Street, opposite the front door of the Library.

There is no charge for the teaching, however a donation to cover the cost of the room, plus tea and biscuits is appreciated: most people offer £5 per evening, depending on their circumstances.

Just drop in any Monday or for more details about meditation, the classes, or for detailed directions to the venue, please contact jane.lomas@mail.com

We look forward to meeting and welcoming you soon.