Mindfulness of Breathing Classes  2019-20

Learn a gentle way to calm and inner strength through mindfulness of breathing, of posture and of the mind.

Currently suspended due to the coronavirus situation, but to enquire about online contact version, email Peter Harvey:  b.peter.harvey@gmail.com


Thursdays from October 10th, 7:30pm - 9pm.

No previous experience in meditation is needed. The class's practical teachings are drawn from the Theravada Buddhist tradition, but people of all backgrounds are welcome to explore and develop mindfulness and  inner peace.

Each class consists of a short talk and perhaps a discussion, then a guided meditation, which teaches a step by step way of developing greater calm, and awareness through mindfulness of breathing. After the first week, there is the opportunity for one to one discussion with the teacher on the application of the method. 

We meet at the University of York St John in room QN006, Quad North: the Contemplation Room. This is in the building on the left hand side of the Quad – see https://www.yorksj.ac.uk/media/content-assets/about/documents/YSJ-Campus-Map-1.pdf  From the exit of Holgate building – see ‘Reception’ ­ – go along the left of the Security building (red S on map) and enter the door at the end in Quad North (12). Go along a little and turn left, and QN 006 is the first door when you turn left again.

The campus is at the meeting of Gillygate and Lord Mayor's Walk, and there is a car park next to the campus,  on Clarence Street, opposite the Fountain's Learning Centre on the far left of the map.


October 10th to December 19th

January 2nd to April 2

April 16 to June 25th

There is no charge for the class.

Contact the teacher of the class, Peter Harvey, to register an interest in joining the class:

email: b.peter.harvey@gmail.com

Tel: 01757 335 021

For further information, see the rest of the website that this page is on, or contact Peter Harvey.