Meditation Centres

small group meditating at Greensteete
view of Greensteet house and shrine building
White lilies

Greenstreete - The National Samatha Centre

Residential courses are offered at our national centre near Knighton in Mid Wales. Originally a Welsh hill farm, it was bought by the Samatha Trust in 1987. The house has been extensively renovated; a Meditation Hall has been constructed on the site of an old barn and a number of meditation huts built for those who would benefit from more solitude.

Gardens, woodland and a wetland area have been created. The farmhouse and Meditation Hall are surrounded by 88 acres of hills, woods and streams, providing varied and peaceful settings for meditation.

Click here for details of residential courses for beginners and more experienced meditators.

Click here for some pictures of the Samatha Centre, Greenstreete.

The Samatha Meditation Centre, Milton Keynes


The Samatha Meditation Centre, Milton Keynes, is in development. This small centre, situated in a quiet residential area, is currently offering beginners classes and is suitable for small groups and meetings. There are beautiful lakes and areas to walk nearby.

The Manchester Centre For Buddhist Meditation

The Manchester Centre for Buddhist Meditation holds meditation classes most days of the week. There are also regular days of practice and groups for more experienced meditators to investigate aspects of the Buddha's teaching and other teachings from a variety of traditions including Christian mysticism, Taoist texts and so-on.