Weekend courses in Samatha Meditation

Weekend or longer courses for newcomers to Samatha meditation are held regularly at the Samatha Centre in Mid-Wales. For people with little or no previous experience of meditation these retreats provide a structured introduction. They also provide an opportunity for people who have done other forms of meditation to explore this particular breathing mindfulness technique, with opportunities for discussion and individual guidance.

The weekend courses include group meetings and practices, individual practice time for both sitting and walking meditation, discussion, and one-to-one consultations with the teachers.  There is also usually some time to go for walks: the land around the Centre gives a rich and peaceful environment which can help to nourish the practice.

Introductory Weekends in 2016

  • June 10th to 12th
  • October 7th to 9th
  • November 25th to 27th

Introductory Week in 2016

  • Introduction to samatha week Friday 22 July to  Friday 29th July.
  • The course is aimed at those who have not previously done this form of Samatha practice
  • To apply please fill in the online application form. All applicants will be contacted by one of the Samatha teachers taking the course before their booking is confirmed
  • The cost of the week will be £200 (£100 for the unwaged)
  • If you have any questions about the course, please contact samathaweek@samatha.org

Intermediate Courses in 2016

  • November 11th to 13th 2016

Intermediate Course -  Meditation Practice and Dhamma investigation - 5 days at Greenstreete

  • July 17th to 22nd 2016

This period of practice and Dhamma teaching was requested by some meditators in the Oldenburgh samatha group who'd like to practise at Greenstreete.

It would be lovely to have more people to join with them. So, this course is open to all those who have completed at least one year or more (up to around five years) of samatha practice and wish to deepen it together and further explore of Buddha's teachings.

The period includes the full moon of July, when the Buddha gave his first teaching after his enlightenment. We'll have a look at this teaching - "The Turning of the Wheel of Dhamma Sutta”  - as our reference point for developing practice in life.

For this practice period, please arrive at Greenstreete on Sunday evening, 17th July at 6 pm. We'll finish after lunch on Friday, 22nd July.

If you've practised Samatha meditation for at least 1 year and up to 5 years, and would like to take part, please check with the person you report to before applying, and include their name in your application. Also include your telephone number and where you'd be travelling from (so we can share lifts if possible).

Applications by 1st July to Usha   umceiron@gmail.com

An introductory course in Sri Lanka - click here to find out more

Continuing Samatha practice after the weekend or week

For people who wish to continue with the Samatha practice, some contact with a group and a teacher provides support in developing meditation.

  • You may find there is a Samatha group near where you live – click on the menu item "Classes" or "Find your nearest class" above
  • You might like to return to Greenstreete for an Intermediate Weekend to learn more about Samatha practice – see above for dates
  • You are welcome to come on further Introductory Weekends instead – or as well
  • You can maintain contact with a teacher independently of a course or a group

To find out more or book a course click here