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The Samatha Centre, Greenstreete, in Mid Wales,

is a Welsh hill farm with 88 acres of varied land. For people with little or no previous experience of meditation these weekend courses there provide a structured introduction to Samatha meditation, a traditional Buddhist practice of meditation on the breath, and people who have done other forms of meditation are also welcome to come and explore this technique. Those who want to continue with the Samatha practice afterwards, especially those with no accessible local group, can also use these courses to provide ongoing support to develop their meditation.

The courses are made up of group meetings in which aspects of the meditation are introduced and practised, individual practice time, discussion, time for walks, and one-to-one consultations with the teachers.

The courses generally run from Friday evening until Sunday after lunch, roughly 2pm. It helps if people can arrive on the Friday between about 6pm and 9pm.

We provide single rooms when possible, but sometimes people may need to share with one other person. Meals are provided communally, and participants are generally asked to help in the kitchen. Life at the Centre is run in a way that supports meditative practice, and residents abstain from sexual activity, alcohol and recreational drugs while there. Reading, too, is generally a distraction. The use of mobile phones and other electronic media devices is discouraged. We can provide all bedding, although if people bring their own bedlinen it will help.

Other than that, participants need to bring comfortable loose clothes for meditating, and strong footwear and waterproof clothing for outdoors.

If you have any further queries, please contact Abi Dobbyn.

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