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The Samatha Meditation Centre - 1 Gatcombe, Great Holm, Milton Keynes, MK8 9EA

The Samatha Meditation Centre offers courses, which are open to all, on the development of mindfulness of breathing meditation.  The method we teach has been practised in a tradition stretching back over 2,500 years. It helps to develop calm, insight and well-being.

Experience shows that the best way to learn meditation, or indeed any skill or body of knowledge, is to be taught in a group by a competent teacher.


Meditation Courses

There will be new beginners meditation classes starting in late September and early October. Information about days and times will be added late August.

Persons under 18 years of age require written parental consent to attend.

There is no fixed charge for the classes, but donations towards the running costs and the upkeep of the centre are important to ensure there is a place for the preservation and teaching of the practice. We ask that people give what they can afford to give on a regular basis.

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Online classes: 

Please visit our page on this website "Learn Samatha at Home" or go to:  to register for a class.


The way we teach

The classes consist of a guided group meditation practice followed by a talk about various aspects of the practice. People can sit on the floor with a cushion or on a chair.  There is also an opportunity for a one to one meeting with the teacher to discuss how the practice is developing for you. These reports, as they are called, will take about five minutes per person. Depending on the teacher of each class, the reports  will be taken either before or after the formal part of the class.

Please note, whilst the mindfulness practice can benefit a wide range of people, it is not a treatment for chronic mental health difficulties. If you are unsure whether it is suitable for you, by all means get in touch and we can discuss it. 

For further information:

If you require any further information you can email: or call: 07873795018

and you can also follow the Samatha Meditation Centre, Milton Keynes on Facebook.


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Buddharūpa - The Samatha Meditation Centre, Milton Keynes

Who are we?

The Samatha Meditation Centre, Milton Keynes, is owned and run by the Samatha Trust, a UK charity established to foster the practice of calm and insight meditation. The meditation techniques come from the Buddhist tradition although there is no requirement to be Buddhist to learn and benefit from the techniques that are taught.



Registered Charity No. 1179867.


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If you are driving to the Samatha Meditation Centre, you can either park on the forecourt, if there is room, or across the road in the public parking spaces close by on Kensington Drive (see above).  In the evening, when the classes start, there will be plenty of parking bays available.


The Samatha Meditation Centre, Milton Keynes, is listed on Google Maps, which you can use to get directions to the Centre.

Our address is:

The Samatha Meditation Centre - 1 Gatcombe, Great Holm, Milton Keynes, MK8 9EA