The Samatha Meditation Centre, Milton Keynes

A warm welcome to information and news about the Samatha Meditation Centre in Great Holm, Milton Keynes. Here you can discover how you can donate towards the Centre; and learn how the Centre is organised. Events planned for the calendar are currently on hold - updates will appear here as the current situation develops.

The Samatha Meditation Centre, Milton Keynes

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May 2020 update on donations

Dear Samatha Friend

Over the past year, our income (mainly monthly standing orders but also one-off donations) has been a little less than our considerable running costs (£2k monthly mortgage, Council Tax, utility bills, etc), meaning a deficit of approximately £200 per month

We have now nearly completed a first phase of renovations, including new doors, splitting the large room upstairs, preliminary work on the garden and upgrading the chalet. Further renovations will be paused until our financial situation is clearer.

We know that some of you will be under significant financial pressure in the current crisis, but if you would like to help, there are two ways you can do so:

Method 1: A Standing Order for the Samatha Meditation Centre, Milton Keynes

An increase to your current monthly Standing Order, or indeed a new monthly Standing Order, even for a small amount, would be greatly appreciated. Please click the links below to open the Gift Aid and Standing Order forms:

Standing Order form
Gift Aid form

Method 2: Make a one-off donation to Samatha Meditation Centre, Milton Keynes

There are several ways in which you can make a one-off donation:

a) CLICK on the donate button below and follow the instructions:

b) CLICK or copy and paste the link below into you browser and follow the instructions:

c) POINT your smartphone camera at the QR code below and follow the instructions:

d) Make a bank transfer to:

CAF Bank
Account name: Samatha Trust South
Sort Code: 40-52-40
Account number: 00021294

If you are not yet registered as a Samatha gift aider and would like to do so please use this form to submit your details.

Thank you.

With best wishes

Gwil Wright                                        Charles King
Chair                                                  Treasurer



The Development Group

The Great Holm Centre Development Group is responsible for all aspects of the running and

development of the Centre.                 


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any thoughts, comments or questions

about the Centre or would like to get involved in any way by emailing​